The Forza release cadence is banging on like a drum beat.

Microsoft is planning to launch Forza Motorsport 7 later this year for the PC and Xbox One, as well as the newly announced Xbox One X. The game features a native 4K resolution that runs at 60 frames per second. It is due out October 3.

Unlike Horizon, Motorsport will take the series back to its professional, respectable track-racing roots. Don’t expect any Hot Wheels expansions for this one.

Forza 7 is also one of Microsoft’s premier demonstrations of the power of its new Xbox console, formerly called Project Scorpio. Developer Turn 10 Studios is beefing up the photorealistic racer with 4K visuals and extra graphical flair for anyone who plays on the new system or a PC.

Forza is a key Xbox franchise. It is one of the company’s few major exclusives, and it is on a regular release schedule that makes it a predictable hit for Microsoft. Forza Motorsport 5 debuted on Xbox One in 2013. Forza Horizon 2 hit in 2014. Forza 6 launched in 2015. Finally, Horizon 3 jumped onto Xbox One and PC in 2016. Alternating between the serious simulation of main-line Forza and the open-world fun of Horizon is also enabling Microsoft to keep this rapid release schedule without making the games feel stale for fans.

Now, with its position as a showpiece for the Scorpio, Forza is entering another holiday as one of Microsoft’s most important games.

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