Now that’s a lot of storage. Seagate is announcing today that the Seagate Game Drive Hub for Xbox has eight terabytes of storage for your games on the Xbox One game console.

The $200 hub has eight terabytes as well as a multi-purpose USB hub for players who have massive game libraries. The peripheral was designed in partnership with Microsoft’s Xbox team.

It goes along with Microsoft’s own strategy for getting a lot of games in the hands of gamers. Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is a subscription that gives gamers access to 100 games for $10 a month.

The Seagate Game Drive Hub for Xbox works seamlessly with any console in the Xbox One family of devices (Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Project Scorpio). It has room for roughly 200 games (average game size is 35 gigabytes to 50 gigabytes) on 8 terabytes. Now you won’t have to delete your old games when you install new ones.

It has dual quick-access USB 3.0 ports. You can also connect other Xbox One accessories, such as steering wheels and even other Game Drives. The drive installs and connects automatically when you plug it in.