Fans of horror games are going to have an especially spooky Friday the 13th this October. That’s when Bethesda is unleashing The Evil Within 2.

The publisher revealed the survival-horror game today during its event ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles It is coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The first Evil Within came out in 2014 and became a hit. It earned fans for its classical approach to horror gaming, especially at a time when old horror classics like Resident Evil had become more focused on shooting, not scaring.

But now Resident Evil 7 has returned that franchise to its creepier roots. The Evil Within can still attract fans of scary games. It’s trailer showed plenty of monsters and disturbing images, including a strange white goo that would absorb people.

In short, it looks like the game of game a scaredy-cat like me would never play.