We’re just hours away from Microsoft dropping all the new details on its upgraded Xbox system at the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show in Los Angeles, and the leaks have started during into a steady stream of information.

Update, 2:05 p.m. Pacific: Microsoft showed off the Xbox One X, formerly Project Scorpio, today at its event ahead of next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Xbox Scorpio is the name of the new Xbox, according to an advertisement on Best Buy’s website. Previously, Microsoft referred to the system, which is significantly more powerful than the Xbox One, as simply “Project Scorpio.” This new system is still, fundamentally, an Xbox One in that it can play all the same games and should have many of the same features, but Microsoft designed it to render 4K games and other visually impressive capabilities.

We are still waiting to learn other crucial details about the Xbox Scorpio, like the price and release date. Microsoft has said it will launch later this year, and some rumors are claiming it will retail for $500.

Microsoft’s media presentation at E3 kicks off at 2 p.m Pacific time, and it should last around 90 minutes. The company plans to spend a significant amount of its briefing talking about how the Scorpio is the most powerful console ever, and the quest is whether it will have unique games to drive the point home.