Ubisoft finally showed Beyond Good & Evil 2 today during its event ahead of this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

Ubisoft announced the sequel way back in 2008, but we hadn’t seen much of anything about it since. Many assumed Beyond Good & Evil 2 was dead, but Ubisoft insisted it was alive. It looks like the publisher wasn’t lying.

A trailer showed a monkey and a human running through a fantastical city as they escaped to their airship. We did not see any characters from the first game. Beyond Good & Evil 2 is actually a prequel, taking place before Jade (the hero of the original) was born.

Michael Ancel, the game’s creative director who also created the Rayman series, was emotional and teary as he took the stage after the re-reveal trailer.

It looks like the project has had a bit of an overhaul since we last saw it. The first teaser showed the heroes of the first game, Jade and Pey’j. It looked like a sequel, but Beyond Good & Evil 2 is now a prequel.

The first Beyond Good & Evil received critical praise and a cult following after it released in 2003, but the action/adventure game was not a sales success for Ubisoft. That’s why were many surprised by the announcement of a sequel years ago. It’s also why many assumed Ubisoft got cold feet when Beyond Good & Evil 2 went dormant.

But now the project is back in the limelight. Beyond Good & Evil is getting the second chance it deserves.