The former director of Gears of War is getting ready to launch his month later this summer.

LawBreakers is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 on August 8 for $30. The new character-based arena shooter from the Boss Key Productions studio and founder Cliff Bleszinski features a cast of sci-fi supersoldiers battling it out with distinct abilities and attacks. The obvious comparison is to Overwatch or Quake Champions, but Boss Key is working to separate this game from those others by challenging its designers to think of new kinds of ways to play as opposed to cloning classes from Blizzard’s game. LawBreakers is also far more vertical, with lots of double-jumping and a focus on aerial combat.

Bleszinski also said that the studio is still running tests since last year to get the game as balanced and stable as possible before launch. He also addressed fans that have criticized the developer for taking so long to go from beta to full release.

“We don’t do those bullshit marketing betas,” Bleszinski said. “You see publisher doing betas and then the game comes out the next week, and no — that’s not a real beta.”

But now LawBreakers has a real release date, and it’s only two months away. And who knows — maybe Bleszinski can still find time for his own bullshit marketing beta.