Bungie needs another a few extra weeks to get its next game ready for discerning PC players.

Destiny 2 is coming to PC on October 24. That’s more than a month after the sci-fi shooter hits the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6. Bungie announced the release date today on the eve of the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show in Los Angeles. Destiny is an online cooperative shooter where players work together with friends to take on quests and use voice chat to complain about the game they are playing and its lack of content. Destiny 2 looks to introduce more missions and variety to give fans, who can’t stop playing the game, an opportunity to complain about something else.

This date announcement also comes on the heels of Intel revealing that it worked closely with Bungie to bring the game to the PC. While developers don’t need any company’s permission to release software for Windows, Bungie could help more players get a smooth experience on their rigs by partnering with Intel. The chip manufactured explained that Destiny 2 will take full advantage of new, powerful multi-core chips like the recently revealed Core i9. That should ensure that the CPU doesn’t act as a bottleneck for players trying to get super high framerates on their rigs.