Fences will soon no longer pose the greatest threat to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds competitors.

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene detailed his plans for replays, mantling, and new maps for his megapopular Battle Royale-like shooter. He also talked about improving the game’s servers and how the team is working to improve the technical side of things.

“We are focusing on making the game stable,” said Greene. “We’ve already found a ton of things that we can fix.”

But the coolest new addition to PUBG is new dynamic mantling animations system. Now, players can climb over fences, cars, and other obstacles. And you will get a different animation depending on how tall the object you’re trying to scale is. This means that it will take longer for you to get over a taller fence, so — like everything else — developer Bluehole is working to maintain a certain level of tactical decision making .