Sony showed off another hair-raising scene from zombie survival game Days Gone.

Days Gone made a big impression on me last year. The developers at Bend Studios showed a scene last year that introduced Deacon St. John, a drifter and bounty hunter in the days after a virus outbreak triggered a zombie-like apocalypse. In that scene, St. John went into an old sawmill and wound up getting chases by hundreds of Freakers, or zombies, who can run really fast. It was really fast and disturbing.

Sony made the announcement at its press event at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) game tradeshow in Los Angeles.

In this new scene, Deacon is on his bike in the rain and he leaves a human camp, searching for a kidnapped character named Manny. He goes into the woods and rides past a wolf. He shoots the wolf, but then he is ambushed by two thugs, who bring down Deacon’s motorcycle. He kills one with a knife and strangles the other with a rope. It’s a brutal fight, akin to the kind you find in The Last of Us. Deacon’s bike is messed up, so he sets out on foot on a trail in the forest.

He comes across a bunch of hanging Freaker bodies. One tries to grab him, and he slices its throat. He comes to another human outpost and kills a guard. he sets a bear trap and lures a human over. The human is caught in the bear trap, and Deacon sneaks by in the chaos. But he has to sneak by more groups of Freakers as he makes his way to a stream. He finds a captive he is looking for. Then he blows up a barrier and the Freakers charge in to clear out the human camp. Deacon goes to rescue the captive, but finds him being held at gunpoint. Deacon says, “I’m not looking for him. I’m looking for you.” The hostage, Manny, head butts his captor, and Deacon shoots the captor.

Deacon and Manny try to escape, but then a bear shows up. And it’s not just any bear. It’s a zombie bear. And if there’s anything more terrifying than a bear. It’s a zombie bear.

Above: Zombie bear

Image Credit: Days Gone