Nintendo is making Metroid Prime 4.

The publisher announced the new game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo tradeshow in Los Angeles. Nintendo didn’t show any details about the new game beyond the logo, but it revealed that it is coming to Switch and in development now.

Metroid is one of Nintendo’s oldest franchises, dating back to 1986. It focuses on exploration, tracking back-and-forth through a huge complex. You fight the Space Pirates in most of these, and they include many monstrous foes. Fans have clamored for more Metroid for years, but Nintendo has disappointed with spinoffs like Metroid: Freedom Force (a team shooter) for the 3DS last year and 2010’s Other M, an action game that disappointed many longtime fans.

Above: Metroid Prime 4 logo.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Metroid Prime is the first-person adventure series from Nintendo and developer Retro Studios in Austin. It debuted on GameCube in November 2002, and gamers consider it as one of the best games of that generation — or ever. Two Primes came out on GameCube, and the third hit the Wii.

Fans have begged for a new true Metroid game for years now, and this is the first time that Nintendo has confirmed it is actually working on that.