Nintendo showed a lot of games and some surprises during its Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) presentation today. Super Smash Bros. for the Switch was not one of them.

The fighting game series has become one of Nintendo’s most important franchises, with each entry becoming one of the best-selling games for whatever system it comes out for. 2014’s Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U were the last entries.

Many fans were hoping that we’d see the Wii U version brought over to the Switch with more features, similar to the Deluxe treatments Nintendo has given Mario Kart 8 and Pokkén Tournament. If Super Smash Bros. for the Switch does exist, Nintendo has not shown it yet.

Nintendo’s E3 show did focus on games that were coming out later this year, although it still showed plenty of titles that were coming out in 2018 like Kirby. It could be that Smash Bros. is planned to release later, so the Japanese company didn’t want to reveal it yet. It could also be holding that announcement for a future Nintendo Direct, video streams that Nintendo uses to showcase and reveal new products.

Or maybe Smash Bros. just isn’t in the cards for the Switch yet. Nintendo might choose to make an entirely new entry for it instead of a Deluxe version of the last game. That could have more features, but it’ll take a lot longer to create.

Either way, I never would have thought that we’d see Metroid Prime 4 announced at E3 but not Super Smash Bros. for the Switch.