Rovio is targeting adults with its latest mobile game, Angry Birds Evolution, debuting today on iOS and Android.

The free-to-play game is a Pokémon-like role-playing game. Pigs have invaded Bird Island, and you have to build a team of Angry Birds, based on the characters popularized by The Angry Birds Movie.

There are 100 new birds to collect, which is plenty to figure out the right combination of birds to deal with the pigs. The game has five different classes of birds with a variety of strengths and weaknesses. You have to choose your birds wisely to deal with 90 different pigs.

Rovio said it has taken a more adult approach on the flock, with naughty humor, pop culture references that adults would get, and classic role-playing game combat. You can join clans, unlock perks, compete with other players, and chat with clanmates.

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Here’s a video of one of the characters, Dutch.