Super Mario Odyssey was the best reason to spend the last week in Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), and we spent some significant time with Nintendo’s big Switch game for this holiday during our adventures at E3. We were also able to capture some footage that we want to share with you.

This new Mario is bigger and more open than any previous entry in the series, and the two worlds Nintendo showed us at E3 demonstrated that by offering dozens of diverging paths and objectives. In the clip above, we run through Odyssey’s icy desert, “cap-ture” (possess) a Bullet Bill, and warp into a two-dimensional plane.

But that’s not all we played. We played through the desert stage multiple times and discovered an icy cave as well as a sphinx-like Jaxi character that Mario could ride through toxic sludge.

Finally, we also explored some of New Donk City. We met Mayor Pauline, a hidden character, and put on some new clothes. Watch us guide a slick-looking Mario down Cranky Ave. during rush-hour traffic in the video below.

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