SafeDK, a marketplace that monitors the use of software development kits (SDKs) in 150,000 free Android apps, found in a recent report that analytics SDKs are still the most popular form of third-party software SDKs in mobile apps.

Analytics SDKs are found in 82 percent of apps, according to the report. Advertising SDKs are found in 75.3 percent of apps. Social SDKs are integrated into 46.5 percent of apps, while payment SDKs are in 41.8 percent.

The analysis reveals the current state of global SDKs: usage and market share by SDK category, app or game category, app developer geography, and more. The Herzliya, Israel-based company tracks about 900 mobile SDKs.

Above: Analytics apps remain popular.

Image Credit: SafeDK

Google’s Firebase SDK for messaging apps is rapidly gaining traction. Firebase is now in 27 percent of apps, compared to 21 percent in January.

For the first time, Branch has made it to first place as the preferred mobile user engagement SDK, pushing Urban Airship to second place. The average number of SDKs per app is now 17.8.

Unity Ads is one of the top five mobile SDKs, and Open IAB is becoming one of the most-preferred payment SDKs for app publishers.

SafeDK found diversity among games. While trivia games are using just over 23 SDKs on average, the most in the games category, arcade games are using the least, at not quite 17.

Google AdMob (Google Mobile Ads SDK) is still the most popular advertising SDK, followed by the Facebook Audience Network. SafeDK doesn’t measure iOS SDKs.

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