Being lucky enough to get one of Hearthstone‘s rarest cards should make you feel great, but getting one you already have is infuriating. Blizzard is going to fix that.

Starting with the next Hearthstone expansion (which we don’t know anything about, including when it will drop), you will no longer be able to open a duplicate Legendary card when unwrapping new packs. Instead, Blizzard is guaranteeing that any Legendary you get will be one you don’t already own from that set.

Card packs are Blizzard’s main way of monetizing Hearthstone. If you want to make decks, you need cards. To get cards, you have to buy packs. These include five minions and/or spells, and at least one of them will be Rare or better. Legendary is the highest rarity a card can have. You won’t get one often, but the cards are among the most powerful and interesting in the game.

But despite their rarity, many of the best decks require Legendary cards to work properly. This makes being competitive in the game difficult without spending a lot of money. It’s also what makes it so annoying when you finally get a Legendary after a long drought, and it turns out to be one you already own.

Soon, that frustration will be a thing of the past. Blizzard also noted that this means you can craft Legendary cards without worrying that you’re going to randomly get that specific one in your next pack. Crafting a Legendary still counts as owning it, so you can’t get a duplicate of it.

Blizzard also noted that for the next expansion, players will be guaranteed at least one Legendary in their first 10 packs. People often buy a bunch of packs at once when a new expansion hits, but it becomes frustrating when you pay for something like 30 packs and don’t get a single Legendary.

Blizzard has been busy today announcing these quality-of-life updates for its games. Just a bit earlier today, the studio revealed that Overwatch is also trying to make its duplicates less of problem.

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