If you’re at your keyboard, look down at the keypad and try to enter the input to perform the shoryuken dragon punch from Street Fighter. If you did it right, you would have hit 6, 2, and then 3 — or, in other words, June 23.

That’s right! Move over hashtag Mar10 (March 10 for Mario) and hashtag May the Fourth Be With You (for Star Wars day) — it’s time for another dubious brand holiday with 6/23 for Shoryuken Day. To perform a shoryuken, you have to move your joystick forward, down, and then down forward. And since so many Street Fighter players equate the joystick directions with a number pad, that movement equates to today’s date.

Shoryuken Day first gained traction last year, and it’s back once again in 2017:

If you’re wondering how you’re supposed to celebrate Shoryuken Day, I have no idea. My family celebrates Battle Arena Toshinden Day instead, and we often feel alienated when people ask to see our Shoryuken bush. I would guess you shouldn’t go out and randomly uppercut people, but hey, it’s your belief system. Do what you have to do.