Super Mario Odyssey is reintroducing exploration to the 3D platforming series. As we saw at E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade event) in Los Angeles last week, that means you will find secrets hidden everywhere throughout the title’s various worlds.

An example of that is the sinkhole in the desert stage that I played in the Odyssey (read our preview), which is due out October 27, on a Switch in Nintendo’s E3 booth. You can see me explore this area in the video above. As I ran by the gaping chasm, I almost ignored it because I figured it was a deathtrap. But the Nintendo rep guiding me through the demo suggested that I investigate it. So, I dived into the hole and ended up in a small platforming challenge that led me to two of the moon collectibles.

This is an example of how Odyssey is set up in general. You are always a moment away from stumbling into something new and different.

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