It’s bad enough that Pirate Warrior is one of the top decks in Hearthstone’s Standard and Wild formats. Now those of us seeking refuge in the fun and silly Tavern Brawl mode have to face the “I’m in charge, now” horrors of Patches the Pirate this week in our sanctuary.

This week’s Tavern Brawl, a casual mode that rewards players with one Classic card pack for your first win, debuted today, and in it, you pick one card for your deck. It has 22 copies of this card, with eight random picks as well. And if you pick Patches the Pirate, the 1 attack/1 minion with charge that bursts out of cannon whenever you play a Pirate, you end up with a frustrating — or is it a silly? — situation.

I played five matches with this, and four of my five opponents conceded after the Patches broadside on Turn 1. The only one who didn’t was a Druid playing Jade Idol, who tried to spam Jade Golems but couldn’t keep up with my Patches broadsides. He lost on Turn 5.

Want that card pack this week? I advise playing Patches (a card people hate as much or even more than the Rogue quest), get your win, and then get out of Tavern Brawl.