VR and AR aren’t just for games. It offers consumers a new way to engage with your brand. Why should you care and how can you start? Register now for this VB Live event, where we’ll unveil the results of our massive VB Insight consumer study on the future of VR and AR.

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A recent Worldpay survey of over 16,000 consumers across the world revealed that while only only 24 percent of them have managed to get their hands on VR technology, 37 percent of them also believe that it’s coming into the mainstream, and will become entwined with our daily lives.

The exciting news for businesses: 65 percent of those consumers believe the technology could change the way they shop. And while consumers are interested in seeing VR appear in retail locations, what they really want to get their hands on is an exciting, more interactive way to shop online, making analysts predictions come true: The immersive shopping experience will become the next need-to-have to stay competitive.

That means when virtual reality and augmented reality is completely integrated as a consumer-level technology, it has the potential to shake up the retail landscape in a very real way. You’ll be able to interact with your customers the next-best thing to directly, expanding your reach far beyond what we’ve accomplished with mobile and social.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the coveted millennial generation that thinks this is a neat idea, and it’s millennials who are going to have the biggest impact on your business when you adopt AR and VR. Especially when being able to visualize an experience or product in VR or AR boosts the likelihood of impulse purchases.

But there are some major hurdles. An immersive experience doesn’t include having to take off the headset and fish around in your pocket for your wallet, and consumers aren’t quite convinced that storing payment information in these devices is really the best idea.

Cost of the hardware for the consumer is also a major barrier, as well as the fact that a very new technology needs a whole new strategy. So where do we go from here?

In our latest VB Live event, Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, will be unveiling the results of our latest in-depth VB Insight consumer study. Register now for insights into VR and AR usage, consumer attitudes, whether the massive potential audience that exists really is ready to go virtual — and how to make it happen.

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  • Laura Gemmell, Innovation Analyst — Technology Innovation, Worldpay
  • Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VB

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