So you want to try VR, but you’re not ready to thrown down $1,000+ on a headset and a PC to set it up? We can’t really blame you, but there are other ways to see the wonders of the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive without emptying your wallet. VR arcades are just one way to do that. But how do you find your closest center?

That’s a question that VRNISH is looking to answer. This new website is compiling a list of VR arcades, cinemas and other types of facilities across the globe, and making them discoverable to anyone interested in them. Simply head to the site, select your country and the types of experiences you want to see, and you’ll be shown a long list of all the locations available to you. Granted it’s your results will be pretty broad; I was given 9 results across the UK, but living in London meant only three of those were really relevant to me.

But VRNISH doesn’t just serve consumers looking for locations; it’s also set to host a list of VR experiences that developers are looking to install in arcades so that operators can get in contact with them.

If you’re interested in adding your own stuff to the site, be it an app or a new location, then it’s as simple as clicking on the buttons on the top of the page and following through with the necessary steps.

With VR headsets currently so expensive, this is a great way to get a taste of the experience soon. HTC itself is estimating high value in its Viveport Arcade business, which acts as a middle man between locations and developers. Could VR really bring back the arcades in a big way?

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