Wrestling fans are going to be able to take their ladder matches on the road. WWE 2K18 is releasing on the Switch this fall, marking the series’ first bout on a Nintendo console in four years.

WWE 2K18 is the next installment in 2K’s yearly wrestling series. The Switch version will release sometime this fall, while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions come out on October 17. This is the first time a WWE game has appeared on a Nintendo console since WWE ’13 came out for the Wii.

Nintendo sometimes receives criticism from fans for a lack of games from third-party publishers such as 2K, so having a big, successful franchise like WWE come to its newest system is a big win for the Japanese game company. It’s a sign that big publishers like 2K — that pretty much ignored the Wii U — are gaining some faith in the Switch, which has had strong sales since releasing in March.

2K is even making the news feel important by having Seth Rollins, the game’s cover star, deliver the announcement in a special video, which you can watch above.

2K has not announced a PC version of WWE 2K18 yet, but the last few games in the series have made it over to that platform (although that version always comes out a few months after the console releases).

Update, 12:45 p.m Pacific: 2K has informed GamesBeat that it made an error stating that the Switch version of WWE 2K18 will come out on October 17. It is instead coming out sometime this fall.