Splatoon 2 is due out later this month, and we have our hands on it. After surprising us with a thrilling campaign in the first game, it looks like the sequel’s single-player content is going to win us over as well — read how it does so in our preview. We’ve also captured some gameplay of an early boss fight, which will help you understand why Splatoon 2 is so exciting.

Splatoon 2’s campaign levels consist in part of a series of obstacle courses. A few of those are especially inventive, like one where you ride ink rails around while fighting enemies. Or another where you have to unfurl coiled up bridges or scaleable walls by hitting them with your ink.

But Splatoon 2 is at its best during boss fights. The first major battle is at the end of World 1. It has you fighting the Octo-Oven, a giant oven brimming with sentient bread that an evil octoling tentacle has corrupted. Yeah, it’s weird. The fight is a visual spectacle even if it focuses on traditional Splatoon ink platforming as opposed to introducing a ton of new ideas.

You can see us fight the Octo-Oven in the clip at the top of the page.