Nintendo is doing some impressive things with Splatoon 2’s boss fights, and we already talked about how the campaign is winning us over. In addition to octopus samurais and oven monsters, the levels themselves are brimming with fun ideas and challenges. And the gameplay is always shifting.

In one level in Splatoon 2, early in the game’s first two worlds, you’ll come across a stage that focuses heavily grinding across rails. On these wires, your squidkid can grind on their feet or submerge into the wire for extra speed.

Like with most of the game, Nintendo uses this gameplay element to mix in both combat and platforming. You’ll come across rail sections where you need to collect golden orbs by jumping from one line to the other. In other areas, you have to fire at enemies while grinding past them — Sunset Overdrive-style.

Check it out:

So far, a lot of Splatoon 2 has worked this way. It gives you core mechanic, and then it uses that it in a variety of fun ways. Another example is the unfurling inky bridges. In one stage, you’ll find coiled up bridges and ladders that you can unfurl by hitting them with your ink. You can cross chasms or ride up walls using these surfaces.

But Nintendo also gives you the chance to use these unfurlers (as the game calls them) to take out rows of enemies. The game also keeps you on your toes by enabling the bridges to coil back up if the enemy hits it with their ink.

See the unfurlers in action:

We’ll have more on Splatoon 2 as we get closer to its launch. That includes coverage of its horde mode and competitive multiplayer. Stick around!