Two of the franchise’s biggest supporting characters are joining Dragon Ball Fighterz roster. Krillin and Piccolo are the fighting game’s newest additions, with the Japanese magazine V-Jump making the reveal (as reported by Gematsu).

Dragon Ball Fighterz is coming out in early 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game has been getting plenty of attention thanks to its stunning visuals, which replicate the look of the show. We were so impressed, we gave it one of our Unreal E3 Awards during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles last month. It also helps that Arc System Works, a studio known for its work on hit fighting game franchises like Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, is developing Dragon Ball Fighterz.

Publisher Bandai Namco revealed Trunks as a new character earlier this week. It also announced that a closed beta is coming soon, promising that nine characters will be available for testing. The additions of Piccolo and Krillin bring the roster number to nine.

Krillin has been one of Dragon Ball’s oldest characters, first showing up as a childhood rival to Goku (the franchise’s main hero). Piccolo started off as a villain, but later turned good (as many Dragon Ball baddies tend to do) and helped mentor Goku’s son, Gohan.

Neither are surprising additions to the game, but it’s still good news for fans of the franchise to see them officially revealed for Dragon Ball Fighterz.