Mobile game company N3twork has acquired Agamemnon, a mobile marketing business intelligence system.

As part of the deal, user acquisition expert Eric Seufert will join N3twork to lead the company’s platform efforts. As an entrepreneur at Heracles, Eric built Agamemnon and worked with a large roster of clients across the mobile landscape.

In his past professional roles, Seufert served as the vice president of user acquisition and network engagement at Rovio, the company that makes Angry Birds. He was also the head of marketing at social mobile game publisher Wooga. He is the author of Freemium Economics: Leverage analytics & user segmentation to drive revenue. And he is the publisher of the Mobile Dev Memo Newsletter & Blog.

“At N3twork, we believe that mobile and mobile gaming is still a nascent market relative to its full potential and that great games can command audiences that, with the right approach, can support incredible businesses,” the company said in a blog post.

N3twork’s first game is Legendary: Game of Heroes, a mobile game that is in the top 10 grossing games lists in 27 countries since its release a year ago.

N3twork said Suefert’s mandate is to accelerate platform effort, creating products that aid the wider audience of developers and help them unlock the potential of their business by utilizing the systems and services that help games grow.

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