Updated at 10:00 p.m. July 19: The servers are down again.

If you are a murderer looking to get some violent crimes in before bed, like myself, you are out of luck at the moment. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds servers are down right now for emergency maintenance. If you attempt to connect, you will get a “connection closed” error and the option to reconnect.

Bluehole updated fans about the server troubles on social media through Battlegrounds’ official account.

This PUBG outage gives us all time to reexamine our lives, and … oh, god. I’ve played this stupid, broken game for 141 hours? What’s wrong with me? What does that say about my decision making as a 34-year-old man?

I have a family. I could have written a book in that time. Instead, I’m sitting in my office without pants waiting for Brendan to fix his servers. What’s going on, Brendan?

Whatever. I’m going to click this reconnect button a couple hundred more times and then go read or something.