Techland is joining Valve, Epic Games, CD Projekt Red, and the rest of the gaming companies that have their own digital-distribution platforms on PC. Gemly is a store where you can buy PC games, like Techland’s Dying Light, or products like the sci-fi survival horror adventure Alien: Isolation from other developers and publishers. This online portal also features exclusive content for Techland’s games.

The digital PC gaming market was worth $36 billion in 2016, and Valve’s Steam store made up a huge portion of these revenues. But other markets like GOG, Amazon, EA Origins, and more have carved out a piece of it for themselves as well.

As part of the launch of Gemly, Techland is rolling out more free downloadable content for its action-survival hit Dying Light. The studio has supported Dying Light with several free updates since launching it in early 2015. Now, more than two years later, the developer is capping that off with Content Drop #0, which leads into all of the missions and extras that Techland has already released for Dying Light. Techland still has more than 500,000 players actively booting up Dying Light every week, according to an interview with And the company is attempting to leverage that audience to give Gemly a strong start.

“We have created Gemly as part of our wish to be closer to our fans and unite the whole Techland community in one place,” Techland chief executive Pawel Marchewka said in a statement. “At the same time, we want to keep our fans engaged and entertained — with Dying Light’s Content Drop #0 we’re paving the way for incredible experiences, offering new challenges and mysteries for our fans.”

Content Drop #0 features a new faction for players to deal with, the new Mutated Goon enemy, and the Hunted player outfit. If you go through Gemly, however, you can get the exclusive Harran Military Rifle as well.