After a few weeks of testing, Overwatch‘s 25th hero is ready for an official release. Doomfist, the dash-punching, uppercutting assassin, is now live on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC team-based shooter.

Overwatch has hit over 30 million players since launching last May. A constant flow of free content, including new heroes such as Doomfist, has kept the game popular. This is the fourth character to come out for Blizzard Entertainment’s team shooter after its launch, following the healer/sniper Ana, the hacker Sombra, and the robotic, damage adsorbing Orisa.

The update adds a new highlights system that will make it easier for players to save and upload clips from their matches. It will also make duplicates less likely in the loot box system, which gives players random cosmetics as a reward for playing or in exchange for real money.

Fans have been looking forward to Doomfist since before Overwatch launched. His name was mentioned int he game’s reveal trailer, and hints of him have existed in one Overwatch’s original maps, Numbani.

Doomfist focuses on melee attacks. He’s able to dash into battle and try to deal as much damage as possible before trying to escape. He’ll likely be best when he’s focusing on low-health enemies, including healers like Mercy and Zenyatta. He could have a harder time against heroes with good range, including the sniper Widowmaker and the flying, rocket-shooting Pharah.