Aiming in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is broken. When players are crouched and idling, the game’s animation takes a moment to catch up after you start turning. This is causing shots to land to the side of your targets. Developer Bluehole is aware of the issue, and it is working on a fix right now.

The studio introduced the bug by accident to its unfinished Early Access game with last week’s update. While you will only encounter this problem in certain situation, so many people are playing the last-person-standing shooter that it is something the company wants to fix immediately.

Here’s an example of the delayed aiming position:

It’s not rare for an update to introduce new bugs. Fixing one thing could break a dozen others. That’s true even for games that are complete and ready for retail, let alone Early Access releases.

Battlegrounds is also undergoing maintenance at the moment. Bluehole is increasing the processing capacity of its game servers, and it could cause some connection errors for players trying to get online to do some murder.

This aiming bug makes a lot of sense to me. It seems like the only rational explanation for why I died in my quest to hunt down author Gary Whitta during a match last night. I’m going to take this maintenance time to shut down Battlegrounds and reflect on my choices in life.