Advanced Micro Devices has launched a new version of its drivers for professional graphics hardware. The AMD Radeon Pro Software Crimson ReLive Edition for Vega-based Radeon Professional Graphics has a bunch of features for professional graphics fans. That includes 8K display support.

The Sunnyvale, California-based company announced the new drivers at the Siggraph graphics event in Los Angeles. It comes after AMD introduced new Ryzen Threadripper CPUs and Vega graphics chips last night. The launch shows AMD is serious about snaring the professional graphics community.

The software includes Radeon ProRender, which will be integrated into the upcoming R19 release of Maxon Cinema 4D.

AMD will release updates to three of its currently available Radeon ProRender plug-ins and add-ins for leading 3D content creation tools. The Radeon ProRender add-in for Solidworks will be updated with the addition of new features such as support for car paint appearances and Radeon ProRender plug-ins for Blender and Maya will be updated with quality improvements.