Microsoft will use Tobii’s eye tracking to make Windows 10 more accessible

Tobii lets you control things with your eyes.

Image Credit: Tobii

Tobii has pioneered technology that lets you control a computer with your eyes, and today it is announcing that it will collaborate to bring eye tracking to Microsoft’s Windows.

The Eye Control feature in Windows 10 will leverage what Tobii calls “eye gaze” technology, which uses a camera on a computer to track where you are looking on a screen. The beta integration will also let you activate icons and move a cursor or targeting reticle with your eyes. It will be a new standard way to provide input to a computer in an upcoming version of Windows 10, alongside keyboard, mouse, pen, and touch.

The Tobii Eye Tracker 4C device is the first to support Windows 10. This integration also opens the door to native implementations of more humanized user interactions and use cases for eye tracking in broad areas such as gaming and productivity.