The Minecraft Marketplace is where the open world, block-building game’s fans can sell their creations to other players. Today, Minecraft developer Mojang is releasing new content from notable Marketplace creators — Noxcrew, Eneija, Razzleberry Fox, and Jigarbov.

This includes four skin packs and Jigarbov’s Infinity Dungeon EX map, a randomly generated area that players can fight through alone or with friends. The map costs 830 coins, while the skin packs are 310 coins each. Three hundred coins cost $2.

This content is available now for the Windows 10 and mobile versions. It will come to the Xbox One and Switch releases “soon.”

The skin packs include:

  • Summer Festival Skin Pack: This includes beach and water-themed outfits.
  • Survivors Skin Pack: This will give your characters the look of weathered and worn adventures.
  • Kings and Paupers Skin Pack: This pack will help you dress like royalty or peasantry.
  • Sports Skin Pack: This one will help you dress like a soccer, volleyball, or hockey player.

Minecraft is one of the most successful games ever. The Marketplace helps give its fans a way to contribute to the game while making some money. It also supplies the game with even more content, which can keep its many players engaged and happy.