The Casual Connect USA conference in Seattle earlier this week hosted the 19th Indie Prize Awards. It honored nine games from smaller studios across the world, including the U.S., China, Brazil, and Colombia, with World War Doh winning Best in Show — Audience Choice.

The judges included representatives from notable gaming companies, including Rovio, Execution Labs, and Game Founders.

You can find a full list of nominees here. We’ve listed the winners below.

  • Best Game Audio:  Fhacktions by Posibillian Tech (Paraguay)
  • Best Game Design: Phantom Brigade by Tetragonworks (United States)
  • Best Game Art: Sand Stories by Sensory Studio Games (United States)
  • Best Game Narrative:  Beholder by Alawar Entertainment (Estonia/Russia)
  • Best Multiplayer Game: Treadnauts by Topstitch Games (United States)
  • Best Kids and Family Game: Light Tracer by Oasis Games/Void Dimensions (China)
  • Best Mobile Game: Until Dead – Think to Survive by Monomyth Game Studio (Brazil)
  • Most Innovative Game: G30 by Ivan Kovalov (Ukraine)
  • Best in Show — Audience Choice: World War Doh by Brainz (Colombia)

World War Doh is a 1-vs.-1 real-time strategy game for mobile. You can see it in action in the above trailer.