Tired of all that teamwork in Overwatch? Then the new Deathmatch mode might be for you.

Most of Overwatch revolves around two teams of six players going after objectives, like pushing a payload or capturing a zone. Deathmatch takes Overwatch back to first-person shooter basics, giving players points for nothing but kills. Whoever has the most wins.

Overwatch has been a big hit since launching last May for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and it has over 30 million players. A constant stream of new content, including game modes like this, helps keeps it players engaged (and more likely to spend money on loot boxes).

Deathmatch has eight players competing in free-for-all action. You’ll find it in the Arcade section, which is where Blizzard puts its alternative game modes. Winning Arcade games also helps you earn extra loot boxes each week. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be the top killer every game to get closer toward a new loot box. The top half of best-performing players will get a win credit.

The Deathmatch modes will use modified versions of some of the game’s maps, but Blizzard is also introducing a new map designed for free-for-all action. The level takes place in the old home of Widowmaker, the game’s sniper character.

If you still want some teamwork, Blizzard is also introducing Team Deathmatch. Here, two teams of four are once again fighting against each other, with each one trying to get more total kills than the other. Both are avaialbe for testing in the PTR (public test realm) version of the game.