Overwolf has enabled PC developers to build apps that enhance their games, and now it is moving into the mobile game market with the acquisition of StatsRoyale.com, the largest fan site for players of Supercell’s popular mobile game Clash Royale.

The StatsRoyale.com web site provides information for Clash Royale players, aggregating statistical data and providing strategic advice about cards, decks, and the current game meta. It also reveals information about upcoming chests that players can win, giving them more motivation to keep on playing. The site has more than 20 million monthly active players.

“I wasn’t really a mobile gamer before Clash Royale,” said Uri Marchand, Overwolf’s cofounder and CEO, in a statement. “Supercell’s amazing execution on the game captured me completely, and I was actively thinking on how we could help the Clash Royale with tools and services. When I first heard of StatsRoyal.com through my eight-year-old son, I became a fan. I felt that there’s a very strong alignment between our core offering in Overwolf and StatsRoyal.com. Most importantly, I felt a perfect cultural alignment with the team that had built it, led by the talented Steve Rabouin, putting gamers first and thriving for a pixel-perfect user experience.”

Tel Aviv, Israel-based Overwolf has focused on the PC and esports markets in the past. It has more than 200 apps for PC gamers, and it has an active community of more than 230 developers. Those developers use Overwolf to build in-game apps for the leading PC games, distribute the apps through the Overwolf Appstore, and monetize with Overwolf’s in-app ads service.

Developers on the platform generate anywhere form tens of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars every month. Millions of gamers already use various Overwolf apps alongside their favorite games to enhance their experience and improve their gameplay.

“The folks at Overwolf are on to something big,” said Steve Rabouin, Stats Royale creator and now vice president of mobile games apps at Overwolf, in a statement. “I really like Overwolf’s vision to empower both players and developers. Overwolf’s robust platform makes it easy for any developer to go from an idea about a game they’re passionate about, to a published app with monetization capabilities in no-time. I have been building gaming websites for more than 10 years, and it feels to me that Overwolf is the evolution of gaming websites. The Overwolf team is made of gamers and developers so we share the same passions and I’m very excited to join the leadership team and help take Overwolf to the next level.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The combined companies have 38 employees.

“It is a fit because the site offers a very similar value prop to what we do for hardcore PC games, but for mobile,” said Marchand, in an email. “As a leading platform of services for gamers, it was important for us to generate a footprint on mobile, and this is our first step.”