Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, is one of the most famous roller coaster parks in the world. Thrill-seekers often anticipate its new rides. Well, now you can check out its next coaster digitally before it opens next year.

Cedar Point has teamed up with Planet Coaster, the hit theme park simulator for PC, to debut Steel Vengeance ahead of its actual spring 2018 opening. Steel Vengeance will be a “hyper-hybrid” coaster, combining aspects of both modern steel coasters with the classic wooden types. It will be the tallest, fastest (up to 74 mph), and longest ride of its kind. Steel Vengeance is available for your Planet Coaster parks as part of a free update.

In Planet Coaster, you make theme parks and create rides, including roller coasters. You can then share your creations through Steam. Many have made real coasters, but this is the first time that Frontier Developments has partnered with a theme park to re-create one of their rides.

Planet Coaster has been keeping players engaged with constant updates since its release last year. In June, a free patch added fireworks shows and digital screens to the simulator. Planet Coaster has over 830,000 owners, according to Steam Spy.

This is a marketing win for both sides. For Cedar Point, it gives the new ride publicity before its opening. For Planet Coaster, it can help attract fans of the famous park to its game. I’m an Ohio native, and we regard Cedar Point as a state treasure. It has a reputation across the globe for having some of the biggest and most intense roller coasters in the world.

This update also gives wimps like me, who would never have the courage to go on the actual Steel Vengeance, a chance to experience the ride without having to take a handful of anxiety meds.