Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, the excellent PC and PlayStation 4 game from Ninja Theory, had some terrifying moments. It’s a disturbing story about a journey into both madness and the underground of the Norse gods. For many gamers, the profile of madness might be too much. Many scenes throughout the game are uncomfortable.

This video has spoilers for the story. We recommend you finish the game first — Ed.

For me, one of the scariest moments was when Senua was walking into the darkness, knowing some kind of creature was ahead of her. She hears voices in her head, and the spooky music makes it intense. Senua breathes heavily, and whimpers. And you can hear the creatures around you.

“Dillion,” she said. “There’s something in here.”

As Senua, you have to forge ahead into the dark, holding out your hand, and making your way by looking at the faint light ahead. It seems like it lasts forever, and it’s yet just another nightmare among many. It is about how Senua has to face her fears and overcome them.

Other scenes unfold in the darkness, where Senua discovers more about herself and what is driving her insane. Those will give you the shivers as well. What impresses me about Ninja Theory is that they figured out that the quiet and the darkness can be just as terrifying as the battle with monsters in the light of hell. And that’s because the developers try to understand what is going on inside Senua’s mind and the gamer’s mind as well.

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