Id Software announced today that its multiplayer first-person shooter Quake Champions will transition from its closed testing phase to Early Access on August 22. To play the game in Early Access, you need to buy the Champions Pack for $30. That’s $10 cheaper than it’s final $40 retail price.

Quake Champions is a PC-only arena shooter, a kind of multiplayer FPS that focuses on fast-paced deathmatch action. The Quake series was one of the first to popularize the subgenre with Quake III Arena in 1999. However, the franchise has gone dormant since 2010’s Quake Live, which itself was a simple browser version of Quake III Arena.

But Quake Champions is also id’s follow-up to Doom, the 2016 FPS that surprised us with its addictive and smooth shooting. While Doom had a multiplayer mode, fans and critics heaped more praise on the solo campaign. Quake Champions is all multiplayer.

Early Access means that you can buy and start playing the game, even though it isn’t technically out. But that means little in the modern gaming landscape. One of the most popular PC games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has developed a huge following despite being in Early Access.

The Champions Pack bundle gives you access to all the shooter’s current and future characters, three loot chests that contain cosmetic items, and a special skin for the Ranger character only available to those who buy the game in Early Access.

If you’re patient and don’t want to spend any money, the actual release of Quake Champions will have a free-to-play option that only starts you with the Ranger.