Sony’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is one of the prettiest games you’ll play this fall.

The game debuts as an exclusive on the PlayStation 4 on August 22. We’ve played through the game and thought that the first 20 minutes of cinematics and gameplay would be a nice treat for players who can’t get enough Uncharted.

This is the first Uncharted without Nathan Drake, and it stars Chloe Frazer. The opening scene is quiet, and it tells us more about the woman who Chloe has become since we saw her in the previous games. Her kindness shows as she befriends a lone girl in the bazaar. As that scene plays out, you’ll shake off the memory of the thieving and selfish Chloe from the past, and consider that she may be more empathetic than before.

Above: Chloe gets searched in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Image Credit: Sony

And as she makes her way into the insurgency’s side of the city and meets Nadine Ross, you’ll see how much more angry Nadine seems in comparison. Since Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, where Nadine was the enemy of Nathan and Sam Drake, Nadine has lost control of her father’s company, Shoreline, and has become a mercenary out on her own. She is with Chloe only as a matter of convenience at the beginning. That changes as the game progresses.

But the beginning shows that Naughty Dog still has a knack for telling stories. The scene with the girl transitions into a risky venture into the rebel side of the city, where a civil war has created a tense state of affairs. The atmosphere of the city at night is oppressive, and it’s a good place to meet the villain.