Final Fantasy XV was in development for a long time before it finally came out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One late in 2016. Now, Windows PC owners can look forward to trying out the open-world role-playing game.

Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy XV is coming to Windows sometime in early 2018. It will include all of the content available in the console versions’ season pass, including additional single-player campaigns focused on the cast’s supporting characters.

Final Fantasy XV has shipped over 5 million copies worldwide in less than a year. Releasing for Windows can introduce the RPG to an audience outside of console gaming.

The Final Fantasy series has a history of PC ports, often coming out years after the original console versions. Final Fantasy VII was one of the first, with its PC release coming out in 1998 (the PlayStation version came out in 1997). Other entries have taken much longer to migrate to PC. Final Fantasy IX came out for the PlayStation in 2000, but Square Enix didn’t release a PC version until 2016.

So, all things considered, waiting a bit over a year for a PC version of Final Fantasy XV isn’t too bad.

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