The Sims 4 is getting more adorable. Electronic Arts announced today that the new Cats & Dogs expansion pack will be available for PC and Mac on November 10.

Even though The Sims 4 debuted three years ago, it’s seen 20 percent growth month-over-month in monthly active users on PC. This is thanks mostly to expansion packs like Cats & Dogs. It’s the fourth expansion pack released this year, and it will include a variety of breeds of felines and pooches, and players can also use the Create a Pet tool to design a customized pet. Grant Rodiek, a producer for The Sims 4, says that they usually see an uptick in daily active users around launches such as these.

“This includes our free releases, like Toddlers or Pools, new game packs and especially with expansion packs,” said Rodiek. “We also tend to see an uptick when the kids get out of school for the winter and summer breaks. It’s really fun watching how they play so we can make sure we have good stuff for them at the right time!”

Cats & Dogs will also have pet clothes and accessories, and the pets will have different personality traits. The expansion also comes with a new veterinary job type so players can open their own clinics, along with a new seaside location, Brindleton Bay, where players can find stray animals to adopt.

Content updates such as expansion packs are a big part of EA’s strategy, not just for The Sims franchise but for other titles like FIFA 17. In the last 12 months, EA generated $3.147 billion in digital sales, and its PC digital sales were up 23 percent from the year before. Last year, it released seven expansion packs for The Sims 4.

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