Buying games and digital goodies online for your Nintendo Switch is about to get easier for those with PayPal accounts.

The digital banking tool has become a payment option for the Switch worldwide today. Other consoles, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, have supported PayPal for years, but this is a first for Nintendo systems.

PayPal gives its people a way to purchase goods online and access their bank accounts while using a single login. For many, it’s a big convenience over having to put in credit card information over and over every time you want to buy something from a new online source.

Having to disclose your credit card information less often is also safer. Although PayPal goes directly to your bank account, it’s still a mostly secure business with fraud and consumer protections in place. Still, it could be riskier if you’re concerned about the safety of your bank account over a credit card, which also have consumer protections in place.

Fans often criticize Nintendo for being slow to adopt features that its rivals have touted for years. The Switch getting PayPal support is a move for Nintendo toward better parity with its competitors. Now, if only its online gaming service wasn’t a mess.

This PayPal option has only come to the Switch, not Nintendo’s other systems. This includes the 3DS, the still alive portable with anticipated games like Metroid: Samus Returns coming out later this year.