Destiny 2 is about to launch, and Activision is sneaking out a promotional beta for the game on PC just before it releases on consoles. On September 6, the Bungie studio’s next sci-fi shooter will hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On October 24, it will finally launch on PC. And while you may have a difficult time waiting, the PC is clearly the right choice.

If you only play games on a console or you are positive that none of your friends will ever want to switch to a different platform, then you should only consider this to see what you’re missing. But if you are trying to decide between the console and PC version of Destiny 2 — save yourself the time and money and just wait. You either do that, or you can buy it on console and then agonize as you end up buying it for PC as well.

Go ahead and watch me play it right here to see what I mean. You can even see me nodding in approval of what is clearly the one true way to enjoy Destiny 2.

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