Customers expect personalized brand experiences every time or they’ll walk. Delivering means making the right marketing analytics investments, knowing which metrics and KPIs to track, and how to turn data into action. Get that info and more in our latest VB Live event!

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Your customers expect magic from you. With data on from every touch point across multiple channels, you can deliver the rabbit, and it creates a competitive differentiation that directly impacts your bottom line.

But there’s the right data, and then there’s garbage. The garbage is available everywhere. It’s another thing to collect what really matters. At a bare minimum, you need conversion reporting and a CRM — which is tricky when it comes to integrating social media, as well as web analytics with in-page activity and personalization tools, platform-based analytics, as well as customer analytics with segmentation, attribution, and predictive modeling capabilities.

Then there’s targeting, testing, personalization analytics, campaign management, customer journey analytics, brand analysis and monitoring, media optimization, and, deep breath…paid search reporting.

The marketing analytics solution space has already exploded with ways to tap into all of these data sources, with some tools even offering combinations of solutions — and some of them are sources you’re already familiar with, like Google Analytics.

Investing in the right combination while at the same time staying on budget and delivering ROI is one of the biggest challenges marketers face in the switch from intuition to outside intelligence. The other difficulty: learning how to master the use cases, statistical methods, and tactics required to make sense of the data pouring in.

But the end result — true customer intelligence — makes a powerful difference in your ability to create and support engaged, loyal, and high-spending customers. With this kind of analytical firepower, you can understand customer interactions individually and in aggregate across every channel, platform, and device they interact with you — and developing actionable insight and pivoting on marketing strategy goes from weeks or months of planning to minutes or hours.

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You’ll hear about:

  • Generating meaningful AND actionable data insights from marketing analytics
  • The role of analytics in creating an engaged, loyal, and high-spending customer
  • The new segmentation: how analytics drives a more personalized customer experience
  • How to prioritize investments in marketing analytics


  • Helen Pan, Director of Marketing, Boxed
  • Kelsey Cohen, Director of Marketing ,FarmLogs
  • Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VB
  • Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VB