Nintendo announced today during its Nindies summer showcase that indie hit Kentucky Route Zero is launching on the Nintendo Switch in early 2018 — including the long-anticipated final act. Developer Cardboard Computer is teaming up with publisher Annapurna Interactive to bring this magic realist point-and-click game to the Switch, along with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Kentucky Route Zero received critical praise for its stunning visual aesthetic and its literary exploration of themes and locations. You play as Conway, a truck driver who gets caught up in a metaphysical adventure after he agrees to make a furniture delivery for an antique shop owner. Its Southern gothic atmosphere easily accommodates the weirdness he encounters, like lost highways from another dimension, haunted TVs, and otherworldly bureaucracies.

It first launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in 2011 where it raised a little over $8,500. Cardboard Computer has since released the first four chapters over the last four years, starting in January 2013. The Switch version, dubbed Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, will include all five chapters along with all interludes, mini-games that accompany the main story.