You are going to have a rough time getting connected to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds right now because developer Bluehole is making some updates to the Battle Royale-like’s servers. The studio revealed that the servers were down so that it could remove the awful graffiti that it introduced last month to promote the teams that were participating in the Gamescom PUBG Invitational last weekend.

Bluehole took to social media to announce the planned maintenance. It also revealed that it is dropping the Twitch account-link icon since the company ended its Twitch Prime promotion a while ago — and Bluehole has since partnered more closely with Facebook.

You’ll likely have an easier time getting reconnected to the Battlegrounds servers after midnight Pacific time. Bluehole warns that you should update the game on Steam after that time and then hop back on.

While it stinks that fans can’t get into the last-player-standing shooter at the moment, I’m thrilled that Bluehole is ripping the tacky Gamecom graffiti out. Previous tags weren’t anything special, but they fit in with the environment. The esports-team emblems on walls in Pochinki, however, are distracting and ugly. So good riddance.

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