Vuze VR camera will soon support Macs, livestreaming, and underwater filming

Vuze VR Camera

Image Credit: Humaneyes Technologies

Humaneyes Technologies has announced a number of notable updates to its virtual reality (VR) camera and associated products.

To recap, the Vuze is capable of capturing and rendering 3D and 2D VR content using eight on-board HD cameras, as well as 3D audio via its four internal microphones. At 12x12x3cm, the Vuze is pitched as a portable “point-and-shoot” VR camera, and with a $799 price tag it’s targeted at “prosumers, filmmakers, and video and production industry pros.”

The Israeli firm debuted the Vuze VR camera last May, opening the device for preorders almost a year ahead of the its eventual shipping date earlier this year.