We may have to postpone the #PUBGFamilyDinner tonight because the Twitch livestreaming service is down for a lot of people. This outage is preventing broadcasters from publishing new streams, and it is also keeping viewers from tuning into their favorite channels.

The issue is not affecting everyone, but many (including me) cannot get the Twitch front page or any individual channel to load. I also attempted to start a stream, and it seemed like it was working — but the dashboard I use to manager our livestreams would not load. Even the Twitch app is behaving oddly.

Twitch has acknowledged the issues in a post on social media. The company first noted that viewer lists were not loading earlier in the day. More recently, however, the company said it is looking into broader errors.


Twitch is the go-to site for live gaming-related video. It has expanded its content recently to include a number of other categories including vlogging, makeup tutorials, and more. Many broadcasters enjoy the Amazon-owned platform because it is typically reliable, and it has a number of crucial social features — like an active chat community.