Niantic announced today that three more Legendary Pokémon will become available in its hit mobile game, Pokémon Go. Starting on September 30, the three Legendary dog-like beasts — Entei, Suicune, and Raikou — will be available to catch during special raid encounters until October 31.

Pokémon Go has been a huge hit since it launched last year. As of June, the game passed $1.2 billion in revenue and 752 million downloads. Although its “worldwide phenomenon” stage may have cooled down, Niantic is still able to bring players back with special events, including the introduction of Legendary Pokémon like these.

The first Legendary Pokémon started appearing in the game in July, a year after release (it’s something the community wanted for months, too). So far, players have been able to catch the Legendary birds Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, and Lugia. The powerful psychic Mewtwo has also been available.

The Legendary beasts first debuted in Pokémon Gold and Silver, which came out for the Game Boy Color in 2000. Like their predecessors, the Legendary birds, each is a powerful creature representing one of the major elements: electricity, fire, and water.

Fans had wanted Legendaries since Pokémon Go launched, but it took a year for them to show up. Some have criticized Niantic for being slow to add community-requested features.