is secretly one of the world’s biggest games. It is a free web experience where players pilot a tiny dot around a two-dimensional plane in order to grow larger by consuming other dots controlled by other people. Millions of people have played, and now Ubisoft is bringing the young genre into 3D and mashing it up with arena shooters like Quake with its upcoming game Atomega.

Ubisoft is launching Atomega on September 19 for $10 only on PC. Developer Reflections, which previously produced 3D platformers Grow Home and Grow Up, is responsible for Atomega. In this stylized shooter, players take on the role of a cube in a reality that is “rapidly dissolving.” The goal is to acquire mass, you can do that by finding static cubes on the map or by stealing it from opposing players by shooting them.

Having the ability to shoot is where Atomega diverges from and borrows more heavily from Quake. Additionally, Atomega doesn’t have thousands of players all on one server like with Instead, it tops out at eight players.┬áThis should make for quick matches.

Shooting also ensures that the best players don’t always have a huge advantage. If you are a giant because you are absorbing everything and everyone on the playfield, you are also the biggest target. That should introduce some balance to the competition.